way or go one's way [wā]
[ME < OE weg, akin to Ger < IE base * weĝh-, to go > L vehere, to carry, ride, Gr ochos, wagon]
1. a means of passing from one place to another, as a road, highway, street or path [the Appian Way]
2. room or space for passing; free area; an opening, as in a crowd or traffic [clear a way for the ambulance]
3. a route or course that is or may be used to go from one place to another: often used in combination [highway, railway, one-way street]
4. a specified route or direction [on the way to town]
5. a path in life; course or habits of life or conduct [to fall into evil ways]
a) a course of action; method or manner of doing something [do it this way]
b) a means to an end; method [a way to cut costs]
7. a usual or customary manner of living, acting, or being [the way of the world]
8. a characteristic manner of acting or doing [to learn the ways of other people]
9. manner or style [to have a pleasant way]
10. distance [a long way off]
11. direction of movement or action [go this way; look this way]
12. respect; point; particular; feature [to be right in some ways]
13. what one desires; wish; will [to have or get one's own way]
14. range or scope, as of experience [a method that never came in his way]
15. relationship as to those taking part: used in hyphenated compounds [a four-way conversation]
16. Informal a (specified) state or condition [to be in a bad way]
17. Informal a district; locality; area [out our way]
18. Law Now Rare RIGHT OF WAY (sense 2)
19. Mech. a surface or slide on which the carriage of a lathe, etc. moves along its bed
20. Naut. a ship's movement or momentum through water
21. [pl.] Shipbuilding a timber framework on which a ship is built and along which it slides in launching
Informal away; far; to a considerable extent or at some distance [way behind]
by the way
1. incidentally
2. on or beside the way
by way of
1. passing through; through; via
2. as a way, method, mode, or means of
3. Chiefly Brit. in the condition or position of [by way of being a fine pianist]
come someone's way
1. to come within someone's scope or range; come to someone
2. Informal to turn out successfully for someone: also go someone's way
give way
1. to withdraw; yield
2. to break down; collapse
give way to
1. to step aside for; yield to
2. to give free expression to [to give way to tears]
☆ go all the way
1. Informal to proceed or agree completely
2. Slang to engage in sexual intercourse
go out of the way or go out of one's way
to inconvenience oneself; do something that one would not ordinarily do, or that requires extra or deliberate effort or trouble
in the way
in such a position or of such a nature as to obstruct, hinder, impede, or prevent
lead the way
to be a guide or example
make one's way
1. to advance or proceed
2. to advance in life or succeed, as by one's own efforts
make way
1. to make room; clear a passage
2. to make progress
on the way out
1. becoming unfashionable, obsolescent, etc.
2. dying
out of the way
1. in a position so as not to hinder or interfere
2. disposed of
3. not on the right or usual route or course
a) improper; wrong; amiss
b) unusual; uncommon
parting of the ways
an ending of a relationship as because of a disagreement
see one's way clear or see one's way
1. to be willing (to do something)
2. to find it convenient or possible: Also see one's way
take one's way
Old Poet. to go on a journey; travel
the way
according to the way that; as [with things the way they are]
under way
1. moving; advancing; making progress
2. see UNDERWAY Naut.

English World dictionary. . 2014.


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